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~ Welcome ~


Thanks for stopping by my site ^-^
I hope that you will find something that you may like and enjoy~

I'm just an girl that loves to draw in her free time :') and like to chat with people alot too !
Sooo, don't hesitate to write me ^^ I don't bite ;'D ...but i will slap your ass :'D

Have a nice stay on my site ^^
and thanks for
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~Goay ♥

To do list!


Art Trades

ryuuinshi -> OC x OC 100% - pink by AngelLale87 [WAITING]
Paulinarts -> OC Female shoulder-up 25% - pink by AngelLale87
MilkyWay-Moe -> OC x OC Yaoi 0% - pink by AngelLale87
Alekto -> OC Nathaniel 0% - pink by AngelLale87


Point Commissions

Sasuke4Tenten -> Sasuke U. x Tenten [PAID]0% - pink by AngelLale87
AruZhu -> Colored x2 [PAID] 0% - pink by AngelLale87

1. Tsuranami -> Halfbody with S. x2 Charas + B[PAID] 0% - pink by AngelLale87
2. HardyDytonia -> Simple Halfbody x2 Charas + B[PAID] 0% - pink by AngelLale87
3. PurpleS-cks -> Halfbody with S. + B[PAID] 0% - pink by AngelLale87
4. Toshori -> Halfbody with S. + B[PAID] 0% - pink by AngelLale87


Facebook Cms

Marie-Luise -> Sketch Headshot [PAID] 0% - pink by AngelLale87
Ivory -> Simple Halfbody [PAID] 0% - pink by AngelLale87
Melanie -> Sketch Headshot [PAID] 0% - pink by AngelLale87
Ahnung + My. -> Simple Halfbody [PAID] 0% - pink by AngelLale87


Prices/ Gifts

JentaraZess -> Birthday Gift 75% - pink by AngelLale87



Stardustn -> Kakao Tausch -> OC 0% - pink by AngelLale87
The Jeanno92 -> Kakao Tausch -> OC couple 0% - pink by AngelLale87

0% - pink by AngelLale87 Nothing or only idea
25% - pink by AngelLale87 Sketch
50% - pink by AngelLale87 Lines
75% - pink by AngelLale87 Coloring
100% - pink by AngelLale87 Finished



Hey there I'm back from my holidays >////<
sorry that I'm inactive again, but i need to fix somethings at my home again but i will be back as soon as possible :*

Love ya guys

~ My reality ~

“My angel of fate... is YOU"

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Nope, I don't like them so much


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Orangenbluete Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Writer
Du bist ja wieder da *n*
hoffe hattest schöne Ferien gehabt!
Goay Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist
Q___Q hey liebes  wollte mich eh in den nächsten tagen mal bei dir melden. Bin noch etwas im stress mit sachen wegräumen und hach so nen paar nervende familäre sachen grade ._____. das ich noch gar nicht richtig zu deviantart gekommen bin.
Und ja ich hatte eienn schönen urlaub ^^ manchmal etwas stressig aber auch sehr viel erholung :'D und wie war deine zeit?
Orangenbluete Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Writer
ach was XD mach dir keinen Stress
nur als ich deinen "Status" gesehen habe, wollte ich mich wenigstens melden

hm, es geht u.u" also in letzter Zeit... bin ich meistens eher schlecht gelaunt als alles andere 

aber räum erstmal alles weg <3 bis dann
KuroAkumaKitsune Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
hello, I must say I love your art style and would love to know when you might be taking point commissions next for a full body maybe, I would love to have my Monochrome demon OC drawn by you. Please have a good day                                                                  
Goay Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist
Hi there ^^
thanks alot for your nice words.
When you want to catch a commission from me, just watch my journals please, when i'm open again you can see it there.
And sry i don't draw fullbodys for others :/ i don't like them.
Have a nice day too

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